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Rebel Wellness Entrepreneurs
Julia Odler

Welcome to Rebel Wellness Entrepreneurs

A community for wellness entrepreneurs who want to run their business on their OWN terms.

About Me

Hi! I'm Julia. I've been in the "wellness space" for a while now.. as a personal trainer, as an acupuncturist, as a coach who discovered working remotely before the pandemic, and as a marketing nerd.

I'm all about doing things a little differently from how our wellness peers are practicing. 

Why You Should Join Me

I'm building an ARMY of rebellious wellness practitioners who aren't interested in taking insurance, trading time for dollars, or transaction-based business models. I'm more interested in helping wellness entrepreneurs help their patients to get results and transform their lives. 

About RWE

I help “rebel” wellness professionals and coaches create a strategy to stop being a slave to time slots by creating innovative offerings that only need to be created once. 

The Rebel Wellness Entrepreneur exists to help wellness professionals and coaches who aren't satisfied with the status quo. If you are fed up with

• Insurance billing

• The "income glass ceiling" of trading time for money

• Hustling to get more patients in the door every single month (the "fill your practice hamster wheel")

• Repeating the same superficial, basic questions and manual processes with each patient and client

• Being around negativity and the martyr mindset that is common in the "healing" profession

• Being around too many people every week.. and needing longer and longer breaks from humans (a system that sucks for introverts)

• Burnout or resentment

• Lack of meaning

• Nothing to show for your years of hard work (no body of work to pass on to the next generation of WP's)

You are in the right place.

The new, more empowering paradigm is about creating and promoting your own online offerings, using the assets you already have, including courses, group coaching programs, memberships, and bundled (hybrid) packages. This doesn't mean you need to ditch your 1:1 services. It just provides you with more choices.. both for you and your patients or clients.

The benefits:

• Results-based transformational offerings instead of "transactional" care

• More passive income streams and more earning potential

• Location independence

• Systems that will free up your time so that you can focus on deeper work (no more repeating the same old advice over and over again)

• Impacting your ideal clients and patients all over the world

• More choices for the next chapter of your life (including retirement)

• Getting your wisdom out into the world, and leaving a legacy.

Bottom line: This network is for you if you are DONE with the old, traditional way of running a practice and want to see FEWER 1:1 patients, not more. If you prefer instead to work on a deeper level with those you DO see, and provide access to your knowledge for those who aren't ready for your premium offerings. (Charging a premium price for your time) than let's not just think "outside the box." Let's trash it.

What You'll Get

This community is also a place to learn about the following topics:

• Creating your first course, group coaching program, or membership
• An overall marketing strategy
• Marketing funnels
• Your websites and landing pages
• Social Media
• Lead generation and building your email list
• "Tech Stuff" from 101 to advanced (your choice!)
• Mindset (not your usual mindset discussions)
• Income diversification and money
• Time and location independence
• Working remotely
• Gearing for retirement or your next life chapter
• "Anti"Productivity: Effective working and living: Life comes before being "productive" all the time.
• ..and whatever other topics we want to talk about: Dogs, wine, and things we love to "geek out" on. 

Want to contribute?

There are many ways! You can post, comment, and share of course. You can message other members. I would love to collaborate with some of you to co-host live events based on your area of expertise. (I can only do so much for all the topics above.. I'm actively looking for other experts!)

These live events can also be used to promote  your offerings and services on social media. (We'll find a way!) 

Just message me or look for invitations/posts about doing a live Zoom event, workshop, or masterclass. 

One more thing..

Yes, you are in control of your membership. You can cancel at anytime by deactivating your account. I hope you stay on board for a while!

Remember: If you are one of the founding members, your initial fee will be your "forever" fee as long as you are in the community. If you cancel, you'll need to come back at the new price. (The price will be going up soon) 

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